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STILL NOT DEAD (the muchhhhh better sequel) << here

Survive in the woods against endless brain eaters

This was a game i made in a month, kind of a proof of concept thingy which got greenlit on steam.. so for the steam release i basically spent years re-making the entire thing into a better game called STILL NOT DEAD.


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Still Not Dead (windows) 35 MB


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Your game is very cool and creepy at the same time I really liked your style it was very cool

the name is just willam afton

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A fun prequel.

can u make it on mac pls

also linix

i just try it and its so fun kinda remind me of left4dead oh yeah by the way please let me start with a normal baseballbat  please im begging at you

i would, but the code is on an old computer which is fucked so i cant access it. try checking out the sequel, it costs but its much better i promise you

its look fun im going to give it a shot

have fun :)


Good concept. I had some great moments with it.  In my games the zombies always spawned behind me so I never could anticipate.

sweet, yeah the sound plays to let you know theyre coming then its up to you to spot from where, supposed to build tension